This page holds documentation relating to the

proposed Oslo Re schemes.


Certificate of Completion, dated 10 December 2008

Filesize: 28 kb



Letter dated 10.10.2008

Filesize: 84 kb



New sheme actuary

Filesize: 31kb



Final Decree

Filesize: 23 kb

Oslo - Final decree.pdf


Our Letter 25.06.2007

Filesize: 115 kb

Our Letter 25062007.pdf


Scheme claim form

Filesize: 258kb

Scheme claim form.pdf


Scheduling Hearing Order and Approved Notice

Filesize: 20 kb

Hr Scheduling AMENDED ORDER 72307.pdf

Filesize: 20 kb

Approved Notice.pdf


Joint Administration Order

Filesize: 14 kb

Jt Admin ORDER 72007.pdf


Proposed Recognition Order

Filesize: 31 kb

ExC Oslo Verfified Petition FILED.pdf


Statement of Foreign Representative as required by Section 1515 of the Bankruptcy Code

Filesize: 48 kb

Oslo UK Stmt of Foreign Rep FILED.pdf


List filed pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 1007(a)(4)

Filesize: 36kb

Oslo UK List 1007a4 filed.pdf


Verified Petition

Filesize: 141 kb

Oslo UK Verified Petition FILED.pdf


Official form Petitions

Filesize: 219kb

Petition Oslo UK.pdf

Filesize: 218kb

Oslo ASA Petition.pdf


Oslo Re ASA sanction order

Filesize: 84 kb

ASA Sanction order.pdf


Oslo Re UK Court Order

Filesize: 76kb



Revised Scheme document

Filesize: 1464 kb

Revised Scheme Document.pdf


Chairman's Report

Filesize: 3020 kb

Chairmans Report.pdf


Consent to Act Actuary

Filesize: 122 kb

Consent to Act Actuary.pdf


Consent to Act

Filesize: 128 kb

Consent to Act.pdf


ORUK account 2005

Filesize: 677 kb

ORUK account 2005.pdf


Letter of consent

Filesize: 90 kb

ASA account 2005.pdf


Consent to act scheme adjudicator

Filesize: 30 kb

Consent to act scheme adjudicator.pdf


Oslo Re Scheme Document

Filesize: 486 kb

Oslo Re Scheme Document.pdf


Notice of creditors

Filesize: 17 kb

Notice of creditors.pdf


Advert of creditors

Filesize: 19 kb

Advert of creditors.pdf


Voting form

Filesize: 53 kb

Voting form.pdf


Court order 9391 and 9392

Filesize: 384 kb

Court order 9391 and 9392.pdf


Letter 270906

Filesize: 62 kb

Letter 270906.pdf


 Practice Statement Letter

Filesize : 199 kb



 Background to and business included in the scheme

Filesize : 24 kb

Company history - background to the SOA.pdf


 PSL advertisement

Filesize : 25 kb.

Oslo Re PSL Advert.pdf